Junior Primary Staff

From the principal

Welcome to Christian Brothers’ College, a Catholic day school for boys, where a holistic education focusing on academic, cultural, and sporting excellence, is underpinned by the two-hundred-year-old vision of our founder Edmund Rice, to simply work and pray.

Our school offers a nurturing environment, which allows boys to develop into C.B.C gentlemen. We believe in rooting the young men of today in an ethos of brotherhood, servant leadership and social justice, thereby preparing boys to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Our talented and nurturing teachers ensure that each boy is motivated to reach his potential within a tailored curriculum which is progressive, yet grounded. Our Pre-Grade and Junior Primary provide the essential foundation on which core developmental skills are established. At the end of Year Three, the boys ‘cross the quad’ into the Senior Primary, experiencing the first of many long- standing traditions. Here they are welcomed into the next phase of their school journey.

Independent thinking and humility are emphasised as the Senior Primary boys are prepared for the rigours of high school. It is also here that the House System is introduced, thus beginning a
camaraderie and sense of identity which transcend the years spent at the College.I invite you to become a part of the Christian Brothers’ College family, a school where Christ is at the
centre of all we do.

Mrs Pamela Diesel
Vice Principal
Mrs Aiden Da Silva
Teacher Year 00
Mrs Bronwyn Loring
Year 0 Head
Mrs Catherine Collett
Teacher Year 0
Miss Lisa Edwards
Year 1 Head
Mrs Ruth Robinson
Teacher Year 1
Mrs Michelle Viljoen
Teacher Year 1
Mrs Liz Rossouw
Year 2 Head
Mrs Tamara Stopforth
Teacher Year 2
Mrs M Messias
Year 3 Head
Mrs Glynda Shaw
Teacher Year 3
Mrs Candice Elliot
Teacher Year 3
Mrs Vanessa Campbell
Computer Teacher
Miss Glenda Lehmann
Media Center
Mrs Ria Duys
Remedial Teacher
Mrs Angela Connell
Art Teacher