College History

History of the College

The Beginnings

In 1933 the then Parish Priest of Boksburg Fr. Maurus Revill travelled all the way to the Christian Brothers’ Generalate in Dublin, Ireland to persuade the brothers to establish a school for boys in Boksburg. Boksburg town council and the Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company donated 22 acres of land, to which more has been added over the years. 

The foundation stone of the college was laid on May 27, 1934 by the mayor Mr. G Campbell and blessed by Bishop O’Leary. The official opening date was February 4th 1935 with an enrolment of 66 pupils from standard 3 to standard 6. The first principal was Br. JJ Mullan and the teaching staff consisted of Brothers O’Brien, Kennedy and White. Br. Downey a later principal arrived in 1936. When Br. Mullan died in 1937 Br. N. Keane was appointed principal and he oversaw the first matriculation class in 1939. 

The 1940's and 50's

This was a period of growth on all fronts within the College. The College Cadet Corps was established in 1941 followed shortly by the Bugle and Pipe bands. Sport featured strongly with the College swimming gala and athletics meetings as well as rugby, cricket, hockey and tennis teams competing at all levels. Numbers however were at a maximum due to a lack of accommodation. This was addressed by Br. JJ Barry when he became principal in 1949. After much effort and insitance on Br. Barry’s part additions were commenced on June 2nd 1952. 

Then tragedy struck. On 22 September 1952, when a short circuit in the top floor building caused a fire, which before it could be brought under control reduced the top storey to rubble. With a term still to be completed and examinations around the corner the situation was alleviated through the kind generosity of the parish, the convent and Boksburg High, each of which accommodated two classes with 3 classes in tents on the College grounds and 2 in the Brother’s residence. 

The 1940's and 50's Cont...

The renovations that were necessary as a result of the fire and the additions were finally completed in June 1953. When Br. Barry finished his term of office in 1954, the College had an enrolment of 580. Br. JB Andrews succeeded Br. Barry as principal and for 2 years guided the destiny of the College, until ill health caused his resignation with the enrolment standing at 680. 

Br. JH Sheeran became principal in 1957. He oversaw the completion of the levelling and laying out of the sports grounds and the erection of the pavilion. It was during this time that the College reached its highest enrolment of 740 pupils. 


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The 1960's and 70's

1960 saw the College celebrating its Silver Jubilee with Br. CD Downey as principal. The science block was completed in 1963. During the 60’s College sport was probably at its pinnacle with many outstanding performances in many sports including reaching an Administrators Cup Rugby Final.

The Geography and staff room building was completed during Br. Lynch’s term of office and the Aquinas Hall became a reality under the watchful eye of Br. CR Wise during his first term as principal in the early 70’s. 

Brothers Dillon and Harrington saw out the 70’s as principals of the College. 

The 1980's and 90's

1980 saw the opening of Grade 1 and the class operated from the school hall. In 1990 the Brother’s residence relocated to Rice House at the top corner of the school. This necessitated the renovation and subsequent conversion of their old residence into the primary school, and in 1991 Grade 0 classes started. 

1998 saw the building of the administration block, the two Grade 3 classes and red face bricked High School classrooms. 

The early 2000's

In 2004 the Grade 000 class started. 

The House system was started in 2005 and the following were the pioneer heads of the Houses.

Founders: Evan Partridge 
Edmund: Francesco Indeveri
Aquinas: Graham Schultz
Revill: Jason Barnett