House System

House System

Each pupil is allocated to a tutor group and meets with other boys and their tutor to deal with day to day school activities as well as their own personal development.

The tutor group is a vertical arrangement made up of boys from grade 8- 12. These groups are a key part of the House system with the House staff responsible for each pupil’s academic performance, participation in activities and team sports and their involvement in House competitions as well as their holistic development.

Underpinning all of this is the importance of effective dialogue and communication and, when necessary, the tutor involves the parents and Housemaster in a team discussion.

House Structure

Each of the four Houses is headed by a House Master who oversees four Tutor Groups.

The Tutor Groups are presided over by a Tutor who is also a teacher in the High School.The Tutor Groups are vertically arranged from Year 8 to Year 12, thus four boys in each year making up a total of twenty boys per tutor groups.Boys will belong to their Tutor group for the duration of the High School.

Boys are randomly allocated to a House, unless they have had a sibling before them who belonged to any of the four Houses , in this case they would automatically be allocated to that same House.

Aim of House System

To encourage individual growth, by motivating each boy to make his contribution to his house.
To foster a greater sense of belonging.
To create an environment in which each boy feels valued.
To allow for improved discipline and the development of self–discipline.
To facilitate better Pastoral care.
To allow for growth through mentoring.
To allow for the development of leadership.