Pre-grade “Little Chappies”


Welcome to the Little Chappies

Who are the Little Chappies?

Our pre-grade boys are fondly known as the “Little Chappies” across the college. The senior boys don the infamous green-striped blazers (circa 1935) known as the “Chappie” therefore making our littlest men of honour known as the Little Chappies. The Little Chappies comprise of the Year 000 (aged 4 years old)  to Year 0 for our pre-grade.


A day in the life of a Little Chappie

Our educators follow the structured day as set-out by CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy) this includes the various ring-times namely morning, science, mathematics, perceptual, discussion, art activities, music and movement, and story-time. In Year 0, the boys are prepared for Year 1 with the introduction of Letterland and pre-reading and writing skills.

During the course of the day, the boys participate in sport which is facilitated by Sports4Hope. Playtime is constructive and meaningful as this continually develops  your son’s social and emotional skills, gross and fine motor as well as perceptual skills

The Little Chappies are included in College activities such as liturgies, library and liturgical singing. The boys actively participate in the ethos of the school with charity drives, campaigns and retreats 


Well-balanced classroom management with individual attention given to boys


Qualified degreed educators with updated specialist knowledge in foundational teaching.


Outings are included. Holiday Club is included for school holidays.

for Life

Coding, Robotics from Year 000 to Year 0. Computer Skills are taught from Year 0 to lay the foundation for future careers by creating critical thinkers.


We do offer counselling, enrichment classes, occupational therapy and speech therapy on site.


The well-being of your son is important to us. We encourage "an open-day" policy with the parents to ensure that all of the child's needs are taken care of.

Ora Et Labora

Enriching Enjoyment

The pre-grade staff work tirelessly on enriching the children’s school day with themed days to create excitement and fun while learning.  

The boys dress-up, and participate in activities based on the dedicated theme. Occupation Day, Dr Seuss Day, Letterland Picnic, Superhero Days, Readathon and much more. 


The College has in-house extra-murals facilitated by the staff and rotates termly.  These include Garden Club, Wildlife Club and STEAM Club. We do offer additional extra-curricular actitvies at the expensee of the parents which include Little Kickers, Dance Mouse and Tumbling. 

The Junior Primary School offers our boys a solid grounding and preparation for what is later required, while allowing the boys the time to grow in a caring and nurturing environment.


Applications for 2024 are open, sibling-discount available for 2024. Submit an application online. We can't wait to welcome you to the brotherhood of Christian Brothers' College Boksburg.

Pre-Grade Events

An insider's view of life as a Little Chappie.