Edmund Rice Society

Edmund Rice Society

The Edmund Rice Society was founded in 1985. It has become a vibrant movement in almost all schools associated with the Christian Brothers.

The Society gives students the opportunity to develop their spirituality through scripture, prayer and charitable deeds.

The society is open to the school community and past members of the society. A commitment ceremony is held for new members, during which a commitment is made to the ERS. Prior to this ceremony, a period of preparation is held, usually, in the form of a retreat and members are required to attend a required number of meetings.

Advocacy & Outreach

In response to the current social needs of our time, we offer learner, family and staff support in times of difficulty including emotional and traumatic stresses.

Our process is indeed innovative involving the House and Tutor System, our Leadership and Mentoring System, as well as through counselling, therapy- referral and the relevant social, rational and parenting workshops held throughout the year. We strive to develop empathetic relationships and a sense of responsibility and respect, that all role players in the College are nurtured. 

With a large part of the “heartbeat” of our College being focussed on Service and Community, our call is also to the wider community. The need to serve a cause greater than oneself and the importance of caring for others finds tangible expression within the Edmund Rice Society (ERS).

The staff and boys are constantly involved in a variety of projects and initiatives within the greater community with an emphasis on impacting on social injustices. These projects range from assisting with soup kitchens, involvement in community service programmes, volunteer work at animal shelters, visiting children’s homes, building relationships with the aged who are housebound and advocacy groups. Non-perishable food collections take place on a weekly basis and are used by the ERS to provide food for the homeless.

Every winter the ERS run blanket, food, and clothing drives which go a long way towards assisting families in the community who are homeless or destitute. Our Easter Egg drive collection is also a highlight and brings a smile to many children who simply do not have. The dedication and commitment displayed by the boys are indescribable demonstrating powerful advocacy for social justice, and the generosity and empathy of these selfless young men is an amazing example of what genuine compassion ought to be. 

This is what we must do

“He sent us to give the good news to the poor, Tell prisoners that they are prisoners no more Tell blind people that they can see And set the downtrodden free And go tell everyone The news that the Kingdom of God has come, And go tell everyone The news that God’s Kingdom has come.”